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2020 Networks are now able to offer high quality wireless broadband services in terms of speed, pricing and reliability.

High-Quality Wireless Broadband Solutions

2020 Networks offers high-quality wireless broadband services, characterised by excellent speed, pricing, and reliability. Our services start at 100mb, with options extending up to 40GB, tailored to meet various business requirements. The availability of these services is subject to site surveys and necessary permissions.

We can offer speeds of 100Mbps to 40Gbps download.

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Why 2020 Networks?

Opt for 2020 Networks to experience the difference of affordable, dependable service, zero phone wait times, swift interim solutions, and profound industry knowledge.

We provide broadband services that are customised to your specific business needs.

Our dedicated team ensures you receive uninterrupted service and immediate assistance for any queries.

We offer cost-effective solutions with a focus on maximizing value for your business.

Most Popular FAQs

Get quick answers to your most common questions about our broadband services, ranging from service types, speed options, availability, pricing, and support.

Wireless broadband delivers internet access through radio waves, eliminating the need for phone lines or cable connections. It uses cellular network technology similar to smartphones. Different from wired connections like DSL, cable, or fiber-optic, wireless broadband offers greater flexibility in location but might have varying signal strengths depending on the area.

Wireless broadband is generally reliable, especially in urban areas with strong network coverage. However, its reliability can be influenced by factors like signal strength, network congestion, and physical obstructions. In remote or rural areas, the stability and speed might be less consistent compared to urban settings.

Our services start at 100mb, with options extending up to 40GB.

Wireless broadband incorporates various security measures like encryption and secure login protocols. However, users should also take precautions like using strong passwords, enabling network encryption, and updating firmware regularly to enhance security.

Extreme weather conditions like heavy rain, snow, or storms can sometimes affect wireless broadband signal quality. These conditions can weaken signals or cause temporary disruptions, though modern networks are designed to be resilient to typical weather variations.

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Sean Pearson

CEO – Trust Surveyors

I have used 2020 networks to install a VOIP system for my business. His customer service was second to none and I would highly recommend 2020 to anyone wanting an easy solution for their telephone systems.

Luke Hilditch

Technical Director – Think Mad

2020 Networks enhanced our business with top-notch Business Broadband. Excellent speed, reliability, and customer service. Highly recommend for a seamless broadband experience.

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