Hosted VoIP

The future of telephony is hosted VoIP and SIP, and we provide these services now using two different partners.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) can be provided as a fully hosted IP solution, SIP trunks to replace your analogue or ISDN lines, or an IP system that doesn’t connect to the internet.

Hosted and SIP will use a broadband line to carry your voice traffic, which doesn’t necessarily have to be a high bandwidth service. Our dedicated PDSL or Assured broadbands provide direct access to our VoIP servers. An IP system can connect to any type of line, but uses VoIP to deliver voice calls internally, on an existing computer network or a dedicated LAN.

VoIP services have the flexibility to host any number anywhere in the world, and are generally a lot cheaper where call costs are concerned.

One of our solutions has free national, local & mobile calls as standard, so customers really can save thousands of pounds if they currently use providers that charge for their calls.

Multi-site offices are linked via a hosted platform, so all calls between sites are free, and can be dialled using just a 3 or 4 digit extension number.

Hosted systems have the following features:

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