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Leased Line

2020 Networks proudly offers premium Leased Line services, setting a new standard in high-speed internet connectivity. 

Competitive Advantage with High-Speed Internet

2020 Networks offers premium Leased Line services, providing businesses with a dedicated, unshared internet connection for unparalleled reliability and consistent high speeds. This service is ideal for businesses seeking an efficiency edge, offering superior performance without compromising on quality.

We can offer speeds of 100Mbps to 10Gbps download.

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Why 2020 Networks?

Opt for 2020 Networks to experience the difference of affordable, dependable service, zero phone wait times, swift interim solutions, and profound industry knowledge.

We provide broadband services that are customised to your specific business needs.

Our dedicated team ensures you receive uninterrupted service and immediate assistance for any queries.

We offer cost-effective solutions with a focus on maximizing value for your business.

Most Popular FAQs

Get quick answers to your most common questions about our broadband services, ranging from service types, speed options, availability, pricing, and support.

In contrast to broadband, which operates on a shared platform, a leased line provides you with an exclusive, dedicated line. This means you can enjoy consistent, reliable connectivity for your business without any concerns about busy periods or interruptions in data service. It’s unwavering support, 24/7.

We’ll need your site address and postcode, and an overview of what you’ll be using your connection for.

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Our pricing structure adapts to package selection, contract duration, and exclusive promotions.

To get an accurate price, you should contact us to get a free no-obligation quote.

When you rely on a standard broadband connection, you’re sharing your bandwidth with others in your vicinity. This can lead to network delays, especially if neighboring businesses are experiencing high traffic. In contrast, a business leased line is exclusively dedicated to your use, eliminating the need to share it with others. This ensures that you won’t encounter any lags or disruptions during critical activities like important video calls.

Speeds can vary depending on how we can provide a dedicated leased line service to your location. Leased lines can range from 100 Mbps to an impressive 10 Gbps, offering your business a dedicated, high-speed connection. In comparison, a 10 Gbps leased line can facilitate seamless operations, supporting various devices, and enabling swift data transfer for your business needs.

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Sean Pearson

CEO – Trust Surveyors

I have used 2020 networks to install a VOIP system for my business. His customer service was second to none and I would highly recommend 2020 to anyone wanting an easy solution for their telephone systems.

Luke Hilditch

Technical Director – Think Mad

2020 Networks enhanced our business with top-notch Business Broadband. Excellent speed, reliability, and customer service. Highly recommend for a seamless broadband experience.

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