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Business Broadband

Our business broadband provides dependable internet with speeds ranging from 80 Mbps to 20 Gbps, suitable for various business needs.

Tailored High-Speed Solutions

2020 Networks offers superfast Business Broadband, delivering dependable internet with speeds up to 20 Gbps, tailored to diverse business needs. Their service ensures uninterrupted performance and robust security, with added features like static IP addresses and guest Wi-Fi for enhanced connectivity.

We can offer speeds of 80Mbps to 20Gbps download.

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Whether your business is taking its first steps into the market or scaling up at a rapid pace, maintaining seamless connectivity through lightning-fast and dependable broadband is absolutely indispensable. However, business broadband isn’t merely about ensuring a stable internet connection. It serves as the powerhouse behind VoIP phone systems, facilitates hassle-free website hosting, and empowers swift, secure file sharing across multiple locations. In essence, it’s the engine that drives your business’s digital success.

As your business continues to grow, your internet needs evolve as well. Business broadband is custom-tailored to cater specifically to the demands of business enterprises, setting it apart from typical home internet services.

With our business broadband packages, you gain access to reliable, business-grade internet service. This opens the door to essential benefits such as service level agreements, static IP addresses, dedicated IT support, guest Wi-Fi capabilities, and a range of products designed to enhance your business’s performance.

Our pricing structure adapts to package selection, contract duration, and exclusive promotions.

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Embrace the future with the latest broadband technology – fiber optics, a significant departure from traditional copper cables. This cutting-edge technology brings businesses lightning-fast and rock-solid connectivity.

When it comes to business fiber broadband, there are three primary options to consider:

  1. Fiber to the Cabinet (FTTC): This solution connects your premises to a nearby cabinet via fiber optics, enhancing your connection speed and reliability.
  2. Fiber to the Premises (FTTP, also known as ‘Full Fibre’): With FTTP, your business enjoys a direct fiber optic connection all the way to your premises, guaranteeing top-notch performance.
  3. Leased Line: For the utmost in dedicated connectivity, a leased line provides an exclusive and secure connection tailored to your business’s needs.

These choices offer a range of solutions to suit your business’s specific requirements.

Speeds can vary based on the way we can provide fibre service to your location. Standard fibre broadband starts at 80Mbps and can go up to a remarkable 20Gbps. If Full Fibre is an option, your business might achieve download speeds of up to 900Mbps. For context, a 900Mbps connection would let you smoothly stream ultra-HD video on approximately 36 devices concurrently or download an HD movie in about 36 seconds.

If your business requires uninterrupted and lightning-fast connectivity without sharing the network with others, our leased line service could be the ideal solution for you.

A leased line provides your business with an exclusive and dedicated connection that links your premises directly to the local exchange. This means you won’t have to share your bandwidth with anyone else, ensuring a consistently stable and reliable connection. Whether you’re sending large files or running multiple applications, you can rely on consistently fast upload and download speeds, regardless of the time of day.

To get started with a leased line, our dedicated experts will work with you to create a customised quote. It’s important to note that the installation is always subject to a survey to ensure it meets your specific needs.

Our head office is in Maghull, Liverpool.  From this location we are perfectly positioned to offer our business broadband services to the whole of the North West. We provide Bussiness Broadband & Ultrafast Fibre Broadband covering the following areas in and around the North West:

Location | Location Location 

Our services are available across various local areas around the North West. To receive specific information about the areas covered and to check availability for your particular location, please get in touch with our customer support or visit our website. We will be happy to assist you in finding the most suitable Business Broadband solution for your specific location. 

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CEO – Trust Surveyors

I have used 2020 networks to install a VOIP system for my business. His customer service was second to none and I would highly recommend 2020 to anyone wanting an easy solution for their telephone systems.

Luke Hilditch

Technical Director – Think Mad

2020 Networks enhanced our business with top-notch Business Broadband. Excellent speed, reliability, and customer service. Highly recommend for a seamless broadband experience.

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