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2020 Networks
2020 Networks13 minutes ago
We are continuing to work at home, administering homeworkers extensions and lines, plus a few older ‘legacy’ phone systems where we have remote access to them.

We are also making plans for the return to work, whenever that may be, as a phased return or mass return will result in staff going in to offices where some equipment has failed, or broadbands have developed faults.

95% of our customers have left their current services in place, and most are still using the VoIP systems in some form.

If you have VoIP numbers then we can temporarily put them into reservation, but there is then a reactivation fee upon reactivation. VoIP extension numbers & passwords

may change, but they can fairly easily be reconfigured. My advice where possible is to leave all services active, but ultimately these are your business decisions to make.

We are happy to discuss upgrade & migration options with you when this pandemic blows over, and it will…..

Stay safe everyone Photo courtesy of Vaadhoo Media
2020 Networks
2020 Networks2 weeks ago
Hell of a week so far. Spent the last few days assisting Baltic Broadband install high speed internet into several businesses so they can send staff home to work. Because they were using BT broadband with poor speeds, staff were unable to VPN onto servers or systems efficiently. They can now.
We've also been busy setting up VoIP home users, diverts & announcements. Let us know if you need assistance.
Good luck everyone - hope to continue working with you when the dust settles
2020 Networks
2020 Networks3 weeks ago
Pleased to assist Baltic Broadband this week with a new Gigabit broadband circuit into the Unity Theatre in Liverpool. This opens up the area to high speed reliable broadband. Please contact us for details.
2020 Networks
2020 Networks1 month ago
Quick meeting at one of our customers this morning, @Abditory_bar On the Lower Ground floor on the beautiful 22 Queen St in Liverpool, open from 10am for drinks & beverages
2020 Networks
2020 Networks2 months ago
Interesting view today. Working in Queen's Dock Business Centre, the area in the photo has just been earmarked for a new development of between 16-32 storeys, 200 hotel rooms & 650 apartments
2020 Networks
2020 Networks2 months ago
7:30am Felixstowe
2:00pm Liverpool
6:00pm Home
Long day...

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